Fammi tua vol. 1-3


Amber James

Publishing House

Addictive Publishing



Translated from French

Contrôle-moi, Editions Addictives, 2015


eBook Kindle


Striptease, dance and seduction – this is the sexiest trilogy of the year!

Life seems to finally be smiling on 21-year-old Celia. She has always dreamed of earning a living through dance and now that dream has come true. But when a mysterious man by the name of Swan asks her to do a private striptease for him in his home, her convictions begin to waver. Is she really ready to dance for this devastatingly handsome admirer? Are the warnings from the other strippers founded on jealousy or genuine concern? Dancing and danger seem to go hand in hand as far as Celia is concerned. But will Celia be capable of resisting Swan’s magnetic attraction?

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